Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two Days Before Christmas...

....and not even a mouse did stir in the house but the rest of the animals that live here were making planty of noise. Oh the joy of living with boys! So here I am after a day that comprised of messing about on the river with friends and our toddlers and fighting our way through the best food stores in Perth to get all that yummy stuff we couldn't survive without over the 2 days that the shops are closed for Christmas!!! I only wanted to add a new post each week but beginners enthusiasm got the better of me and this fantastic hand made tank top made by the sweet Miss Em or Moopi as her newly registered Etsy shop is called (stand by for fantastic wares).

I had drawn her the owl as I know she loves them and look what came back, the same design sewn onto a fab tank with cool girly cap sleeves to boot.
May you all have a very safe and happy festive time.

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Emma Mill said...

Adorable photo of the tank! I am so happy that you love it. Your owl design is so fabulous. Can't wait to follow your progress at Bird+1. Em x