Monday, February 11, 2008


have to tell you how good yoga was this morning- I was calm and at peace with the world when I left..... I know that is a shock to you bird but it is true- and I have a witness.... THEN less than an hour later the whole thing was undone .... what I want to know is why breakast cereal is allowed to advertise that it tastes good- it all tastes like cardboard and I should know I have chewed my way through a few boxes in my time!!!

Can anyone recommend a cereal that actually tastes of the fruit and grains that the company say it does.....

Anyway bird it ruined my very calm day - on a different note I think I may have found someone who might work with the canvas idea, AND picked up the smaller bags- they are looking like a great size for your new designs..... any update on that??
Anyway I had better go and recover from the cereal incident.....

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