Friday, February 15, 2008

In the shops

A very sweet friend Em pointed out that we should be sharing with the world some of the fantastic stores that carry our stuff. It's something that gives us much joy, that is to see what we poduce in the windows and on the shelves of some of the coolest retail experiences around so we are now going to make an effort to visit all the places we can and show you how they show off for us.
First off the mark is Evolve Homewares, this one is in Cottesloe Western Australia but they are also in Shenton Park and West Perth. They stock a range of Prints as you can see in the window and cards. Thank you to Robi Smith who kindly took this photo after I took my camera out and forgot to put in the flash card duuh!

The print featured here is the Taupe and red Native from the Native Naiive series. This is one of the first and most popular designs we produced that is an abstraction of Australian Native flora. There are four designs in this series that come as greeting cards, prints and mini Limited Edition Prints in a funky Envelope. The last item actually won us the Austalian Memento Award for Memento of Western Australia, pretty cool if I do say so myself.

In case you didn't allready know you can acquire (so much nicer than buy, don't you think) our stuff from or our Etsy shop

Monday, February 11, 2008

Limited we come

So much to write about this time, about to print those limited edtion cards just making final decision on which ones. I have put in a few below and here are a couple of new ones but you never know they may not make the final cut. Each will be hand signed and numbered and a little bit of hand embellishment on each woohoo.

There is a sweet little story about each one and where the inspiration came from on the back.
Our printers we use are very patient and are giving us back the many cost permutations we have asked for, bless their socks.
The bird illustrations came from our fondness of birds and the fact we seem to refer to each other as bird (Janines fault) birds with attitude we have to say not just your common nice person bird.

Need to mention how simply inspiring the work of Shim+Sons is, I get so much inspiration from incredibly creative and hard working people out there so I will be sharing those who have shared with me. I do have to admire the hard work of all those talented women out there doing their thing quietly and industriously.


have to tell you how good yoga was this morning- I was calm and at peace with the world when I left..... I know that is a shock to you bird but it is true- and I have a witness.... THEN less than an hour later the whole thing was undone .... what I want to know is why breakast cereal is allowed to advertise that it tastes good- it all tastes like cardboard and I should know I have chewed my way through a few boxes in my time!!!

Can anyone recommend a cereal that actually tastes of the fruit and grains that the company say it does.....

Anyway bird it ruined my very calm day - on a different note I think I may have found someone who might work with the canvas idea, AND picked up the smaller bags- they are looking like a great size for your new designs..... any update on that??
Anyway I had better go and recover from the cereal incident.....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's raining!!!!

Yipee rain- got to love it after a hideous amount of humidity.... but already there were people complaining about it this morning, those same people who hated the humidity and heat yesterday.... get back in your airconditioned box you over mommy-coddled personage you.... sorry got distracted!

Mate I am also loiking the envelopes, not sure whether I favor the dalliance into retro '70 design or the lsd swirls.... like the shape and colours though, keep up the grand work.

Catch you later I have people to go and offend..

Monday, February 4, 2008

Slack I know

I have no excuse apart from I've been busy designing (ha ha did that work). So here's what I've been up to. I've moved on from the hand drawn and gone into abstracted native design/illustrations and looking at embossing and more stunning envelopes. Let me know what you think :)Remember to click on the image for a super duper large version, I'm loving these envelopes if I do say so.