Wednesday, March 12, 2008

....and here they are

Yes, that's right our superous duperous new range of Limited Edition Art Cards. Printed on the most beautiful 100% post consumer recycled paper ever with specially designed envelopes that are printed all over and can be used both ways for the understated or just plain gorgeous look.
I am busy uploading the new range to our Etsy store and watch out for the new rubbergob website.

Here are a few pics of the range so far, there are 6 large cards with special envelopes and 8 small cards, each design is avaiable as an archival quality artists print too (just in case you can't get enough).The folky owl inspired by dear Em from onehourcraft check out the amazing twins Em and Mia at onehourcraft to see all the incredible stuff they get up to.

Plain as the bird on her head card, an illustration I had wanted to do for ages about birds of all types but really into natve Australian birds at the mo.

One of the native seed inspired designs showing funky envelope.

Autumn trees. I love the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves
of tall majestic trees, the feel of the cool autumn breeze on my face
and the scrunch of soft leaves underfoot. Watch your heart be carried
aloft by the breeze and toss and tumble through the tree tops.
Just make sure you don’t get clonked on the head by the branch of a
shedding gum tree because that would really ruin the moment.


thetinylittlegirl said...

love them, i think i like the owl best!

Rubbergob said...

Why thank you tinylittlegirl, and thanks to your post I've just discovered a whole bunch of new West Australian creative types doing their good thing. :)