Sunday, June 15, 2008

Promise to be better

OK, I'm the first to admit it, It's been a while but it's not like we haven't been busy.
So from here on in I am trying to post everyday I may need all the support, love and attention I can get to keep me going. It will be a bit about new stuff I've been designing and a bit about the great talent that inspires me though I'm going to try and keep it local for a while.

So here goes, it's all about me today: We had our first professional photo shoot woo hoo and being glamorous is rather long and boring I have to say well the cards and tags and invites said so I was busy trying to quell their tantrums and keep them looking sexy for 2 hours.

Here's a couple of the new babies on fake grass

This the original blah in a different colour theme, thank you to Kylie at Morrison for the inspiration there.

And one of the tags, the australian snowflake eating reindeer bird! He comes in a card too I'm giving everyone one this year.

A big thank you to Emma from onehourcraft whom the cute owl was inspired by, for the fake grass. I realise looking at our designs the amount of people that they are actually designed around, friends children, friends, other creative types. I will do my best to tell the story around each one as it comes up.

See you tomorrow as promised!

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thetinylittlegirl said...

astro turf is a great backdrop for your designs. good luck on the blogging every day, i try and blog a few times a week, i don't have the dedication for daily!