Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Making It

It seems a lot of great people are out there making it and lots of it. Today I was sent a couple of great links by the lovely lass at Upmarket that I would like to share. Before I start be sure to put Upmarket in your diary, it's great to see so many makers markets coming up.

Firstly Spoonflower for those who have always wanted to print their own fabric, well that's me for a start. I have been tinkering with putting some of my favourite Rubbergob designs onto all sorts of fabric kit for a while now and should hopefully have some exciting stuff to share in the coming months.

Then there is How About Orange by Graphic/Fabric pattern designer Jessica Jones, this one contains a tutorial on creating a repeating pattern.

Here in Aus there is the oh so super Kristen Doran, I love the simplicity of design and type of fabric she uses.

Well I could go on but I better save something for tomorrow, I'm not doing too badly with my everyday blogging..........ooh and look out for us on PrintPattern or did I say that yesterday. For those of you that haven't caught this blog it's a must for people into surface design, stationary, illustrators and printed stuff!
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