Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where to start...............

This is usually the question I ask myself when i sit down at my desk, in fact when I get up in the morning. At the moment I seem to have too many ideas and not enough hands to do them all, though I presume I am not alone in this. The more I try to finalise the notebooks the more ideas I have so as usuall we will probably print as many as we can. They will have heir first outing at Upmarket that I mentioned in a previous post. Thank you again to Justine for inviting us and be sure to keep an eye out on her Blog for the interviews and other exciting news.

Here's a sneak of the notebooks we are hoping to have with us, come complete with cool little paper band, no plastic this time we are trying hard to be better to our world. Oh! if anyone has any preferences for the designs on our cards as notebooks please do let us know.

In case anyone is interested here are the bands that go around's just that they took me so flippin long to do this morning, thanks for indulging me

Also we are super chuffed to appear on the legendary Printpattern, a big fat congratulations to Bowie for getting a book deal and a huge thanks for making us feel like legends in our own lunchbox today, even the Rubbergob men and offspring were suitably impressed (as they should be).
Just wanted to share these beautiful sewn bird houses from the very talented Tamar Mogendorff, that I came across today that made my heart soften (rare moment). I want a wall full of these.


Ali J said...

Gosh, you are amazing. I can't believe how much information about your craft you share. I'm inspired!! :) Can't wait to see the final designs in person!

Rubbergob said...

Hi there
why thank you! I could talk the back legs off a donkey about how i do things and am very happy to. I have been lucky enough to have been very inspired by some very open people and figure why keep it to myself, a bit of design Karma I think. If you are happy to help others then somehow somewhere it always comes back, maybe not always in the ways you expect it but it always does