Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sassy pin up board

I spent a very wet and wild Saturday afternoon making this. Using an old, nasty gold frame that I'd had for years. I painted the frame white and had some foam core board cut to fit. You can get this from any picture framer and it comes in a variety of thicknesses.

I then covered the foam core board in batting that quilters use. I just taped this on the reverse.

Having chosen this fantabulous fabric from Calico and Ivy I then stapled it on the reverse side to the board.

Doesn't it look super snappy, it's going to hold all my inspiration for my design work, only problem there is that it will be full in about 5 minutes.


Melissa Doldron said...




Greg Hill | Gallery Nine by Five said...

I love it, looks great. No I want one!! Love the notebooks to, are they for purchase in Fremantle?

Gallery Nine by Five

Rubbergob said...

Hi Greg
Why thank you :)
you can get the notebooks at Calico & Ivy Glyde st Msoman Park and Fremantle Arts Centre down Freo way.
I have only pinned one thing to my pinup board as yet, it's too nice to use. Oh I got the material from Calico&Ivy so you might want to snaffle yourself some.

good luck