Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bison, Dibbern, Distracted

Mmmmm I've been painting for a few days so way too busy to post. Battling with a portrait.......I'm almost winning however. Once you start on the oil paints again after a wee break you soon become too hooked on that wonderful smell and buttery texture to stop to do anything else........I'm afraid painting is a bit of an addiction as it is where I started straight after high school quite some time ago now.

Anyway.....I went to the also addictive Distracted Merchants of Fancy in Leederville (again) today and bought some beautiful vessels by Bison and Dibbern. Are they not the most beautiful things? If you haven't popped into the Distracted shop, which houses a tea shop, art shop and hair shop and waxing shop all in one you really must. They are purveyors of the most eclectic and beautiful objects.


thetinylittlegirl said...

i hope you'll be posting a pic of your painting when it's done!

your new vessels are lovely indeed, i'll have to check that shop out.

Rubbergob said...

Oh I'm so shy I put my pics up there then took them down again maybe I'll be brave enough to put them up next week. Thank you for your support :)