Sunday, July 13, 2008

Be good to your world

Here at Rubbergob we try really hard to be as good to our world as possible, we know we can always be better and as we go along we learn new things and find new suppliers that help us to be better.

As you may know we print all our products onto 100% post consumer recycled paper, it is processed chloring free and the energy used in its waste management is 100% Green-e Certified renewable energy, how about that hey!.

One of our printers is a company called Westcare. They are a not for profit organistation, providing employment, training and accommodation for people with a disability. We feel it is important to be good not only to the world you live in but the people you share it with.

There are some great companies out there who do an amazing job at being good to the world. Take a look at Earth Greetings and read the story of Heide Hackworth and how she started, admirable stuff. You just have to love a kookaburra.

More tomorrow on the lifecycle of our designs and illustrations so you can see how we do what we do. Oooh and I do think we are due another free dowload.

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