Monday, July 14, 2008

This is how it goes

Remember this card?

This is how it came together.....

A pencil sketch in my notebook of an image that had been in my mind for quite a while. Two great aussie birds.

Scan the drawing then add a bit of colour in Photoshop. I used an image of some parchment paper and added a bit of colour to it then used it as a background to the girl.

Added some shading (all in photoshop) to the Kookaburra and a bit more to the girl's face and increased the saturation of the colour to the skin.

Added an illustration done in Illustrator of some trees and put the same parchment scan behind them just this time I made it blue.
Just a final bit of tweaking by adding the trees into the body. There you go :)
I know I promised free giveaway today but you might just have to hang on till tomorrow I have to pick the winner of the Madeit blog comp to see who thought of the best idea for new Rubbergob products. They will win a fab pack of our stuff..............

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thetinylittlegirl said...

love it! great to see your creative process laid out like this :-)