Monday, July 7, 2008

Notebook heaven

I know I've spoken about these notebooks before but here they all are, they are all being printed as we speak which is a jolly good thing as we sold a lot from the samples we had made.

The notebooks come bound in a paper strap instead of cellophane bag. We are trying to be a lot better to our world by using 100% post consumer recycled paper and will continue to keep finding better ways to do what we do.

The notebooks also come in matching pairs and you will be able to order them on our website (as soon as I get time to put them up there).

They have 50 blank pages and cost $AU12.95 each or $AU19.95 for a pair. You will be able to purchase them in Calico&Ivy and Morisson (who have stores in Sydney and Melbourne) for starters. exciting.

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